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How to Show Appreciation to Remote Employees

For many companies, remote employees have become a significant element. Because you'll be able to work with people from all over the world, you'll be able to locate more excellent talent than if you only looked domestically. You might have hired fantastic remote workers, but do they realize how much you appreciate them? This article will give you advice on how to show appreciation to remote employees.

According to a study, 65% have not gotten any sort of acknowledgment for their hard work in the previous year. As a result, if you're happy with the work from your remote staff, let them know. If you express your appreciation, you'll have a greater chance of keeping outstanding employees. Here are several ideas for expressing gratitude to your remote employees.


How to Show Appreciation to Remote Employees

Keep Special Days in Mind

Create alerts to notify you of your remote employees' significant days and achievements. It can be any important day they let you know about. Wish them a happy holiday and keep them in your thoughts throughout the year. These things will help workers feel like they're a member of the family.

Your pleasant comments and the fact that you recognized the staff member will demonstrate to the worker that they really are important to you. If possible, write them a handwritten letter and send it to them.


Thank Them Frequently

Based on a study, 70% believe that supervisors expressing thankfulness more will increase productivity and morale “significantly.” Saying “thank you” on a frequent basis is a good habit to get into. Make it a habit.

Show your thanks every time an employee delivers you a completed job. They've put in the time and energy, so hearing “thank you” would feel like a small gift.


Bring Them Into Meetings and Discussions

Even if most remote employees only worked on a portion of the project, it does not imply they should be removed from the rest of the assignment. For instance, if you're constructing a webpage and hired a remote copywriter, they have a right to know how the project is progressing.

Also include the employee when scheduling a project status session. They can participate via live chat. This will demonstrate to them that they, too, are a part of the organization. Allow them to voice their thoughts and participate in the development of your product.


Support Career Growth

The potential of advancement is a motivator. An ordinary worker may become outstanding through improving current talents and growing professionally. When you add in the manager's support, the employee shall prosper.

Whether the employee has considered it or not, advise that they enroll in a virtual program that will help them grow in their job. You could either look for a free class or pay the remote employee to take one. This will show them that you have faith in their skills.


Send A Thank You Gift

A tangible confirmation that they're doing a fantastic job might be provided via an acknowledgment package. You don't need to spend lots of money; what counts is your purpose. There are also some fantastic team gratitude packs available for purchase.

If the gift comes from you and shows your gratitude, even a modest gift may mean a great deal to your remote employee


Ask Your Remote Employee About Their Vacation Time

Even the most committed worker would be exhausted if they only worked and had no enjoyment. Remote employees should understand how vital it is for you that they take vacations and rest. Inquire ahead of time about when they want to take a vacation. You may set up your company to support this.

Many employees are apprehensive about requesting particular vacation days. You can guarantee that if you take the initial step and inform them that they may take some time off anytime they want, they'll be pleased to choose your business as their place of employment.


Provide Promotional Opportunities

Demonstrate to the remote employee that you believe in their abilities. Discuss with them about chances for growth. They would be motivated to accomplish more if they realize they can advance in the organization.

Employees ranked career advancement opportunities as one of the most important drivers of involvement in research conducted by  Quantum Workplace. Ensure that your remote staff knows that they, like in-house employees, have the opportunity for financial and professional advancement.


Give Your Remote Employees An Additional Day Off

Provide your remote employee with an additional day off if the company had a great week and completed more work than you planned. Alternatively, inform them that they may enjoy the majority of Friday off. The gift of time might be the most valuable present of all.

Remote employees may find it difficult to separate their career and personal lives, so giving employees an additional day off can encourage them to unwind. Allowing them to take time off from their responsibilities will show them that you appreciate their efforts.



Receiving recognition for working hard improves staff morale, efficiency, and retention. These easy ways of demonstrating your appreciation for your remote staff would not only retain them on your team but will also help them boost their performance. You don't have to put forth a great deal of energy to show your gratitude. All you really need is a little patience and a few kind comments. Don't you think an excellent employee is deserving of that?


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