Our Support team is growing and you’re ready to come in and help us build on what makes us special: our commitment to offering a best-in-class, human-centered customer experience. As a Support Specialist, you will serve in the most cross-functional role in the company, acting as the face of our proactive support and the first-line source of product knowledge and troubleshooting.

As a resident product expert, this role will put you at the center of the action as part air traffic controller — triaging, prioritizing, and solving customer issues as they come in — and part wizard behind the curtain — working behind the scenes to ensure our districts have a smooth product experience. You are excited to help deliver high quality and consistency to both our internal team and external customers.

You are comfortable with people-centric work and are able to ask the right questions that uncover the root causes of problems, identifying things the customer might not even be aware of themselves. You’re ready to manage multiple internal and external stakeholders and understand how to navigate inter-team dynamics. In your next opportunity, it is important that you are wanting to be a key contributor to your team’s and growth, feel empowered to boldly advocate for your customers, and can build the trust of your team to make the right call.


Your responsibilities will include

  • Serving as the first line of support for all inbound requests from administrative staff, teachers, and parents across our partner districts, responding both quickly to requests and with a high level of quality solutions
  • Troubleshooting product and process-related issues and drive them to resolution, escalating issues to other team members or the engineering team when needed
  • Supporting customers in configuring their processes on product to best ensure we meet customer and product standards
  • Leading cross-district trainings and education outreach for implementing accounts and new district form managers and creators
  • Contributing to data collection on product questions and issues through ticket categorization, customer outreach, issues tracking, and providing feedback in cross-team meetings
  • Providing feedback on support processes using both a deep understanding of district needs and quantitative data to strengthen cross-team alignment and our knowledge of customer health
  • Assisting the product/engineering team with quality assurance testing for the product
  • Creating high quality communications collateral, including Help Center articles and videos


Who you are

  • Creative & Critical Thinker: You can find the solution to something even when it’s not immediately apparent. You identify workarounds when needed and love to stretch the limits of what the traditional use for products and technology might be.
  • Detail-oriented: You thrive when you can check things off your list. You truly enjoy managing communications, data, and systems. You keep track of multiple projects at one time and use your expertise and context to prioritize your work in a way that best achieves the most impact for the larger picture.
  • People Focused: You seek to create and build strong relationships with people. You feel comfortable interacting with strangers in writing, on phone, and in person. You use your expertise and knowledge to persuade others, deescalate negative emotions, and find solutions that fits the unique needs of an individual.
  • Flexible: You understand situations aren’t always black and white, and you’re comfortable operating in grey zones. You don’t flinch when something unexpected comes your way.
  • Even-tempered: You’re able to completely engage with people, separating any previous interaction with the person or issue from what’s at hand. You understand every person deserves the best of what you have to offer and you seek to give them that every time.
  • Constant Learner: You seek and value feedback in order to grow and continuously improve. You rely on data to assess how you’re progressing and where you can make improvements. You master new technologies quickly and can break tasks down to teach others.
  • Mission-driven: You put the customer and the team first. You are passionate about what you’re doing and the choices you make. You can articulate the “why” for why you’re here, and understands what keeps you motivated.



  • Experience working in a customer-facing role
  • Experience working with or in K-12 schools or districts
  • Early stage startup experience, or experience working in an entrepreneurial environment
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