The Product & Technology team’s mission is to catapult the firm forward. We are a team of productive individuals with diverse qualifications, experienced in building excellent products using cutting-edge tech. To achieve our ambitious goals, we leverage functional programming, automation, reproducibility, testing, visibility and rapid delivery.


You Will:

  • Simplify and refactor existing Java code.
  • Develop new systems using Elixir and Elm with full-stack functional tests and modern deployment practices.
  • Be involved in the full product lifecycle: from product inception, to deployment and monitoring in production.


What You Bring:

  • You love to code and are aligned with the ideas of software craftsmanship. You have a proven ability to solve open-ended problems in an elegant, scalable manner. You are smart and demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, great communication, and a teamwork ethic.


We’re searching for strong developers with 1+ years of experience and a background in:

  • Functional programming
  • Back-end technologies (Java, SQL, Elixir) and Front-end technologies (Javascript, Elm)
  • Running applications in production
  • Support tooling (docker, ansible, scripts, AWS)
  • Test Driven Development


Bonus Points:

  • You are comfortable with the POSIX programming environment and tools such as: sh, make, docker, linux, emacs or vim, ssh, awk, sed, grep, elixir, java, javascript, elm, ansible, git, curl, mysql, etc.
  • You appreciate the old-school UNIX philosophy and the synergy of small programs, working well together. You have a few `awk` tricks up your sleeve
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